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  • Defense verdict for emergency medicine physician who treated and provided detailed discharge plan for patient with eye complaints who later developed a stroke from a vertebral artery dissection, which plaintiff contended should have been diagnosed and treated with heparin.
  • Verdict for bariatric surgeon who was providing weekend coverage for surgeon when patient developed complications and was transferred to ICU; plaintiff's estate contended covering surgeon should have diagnosed a perforation and performed emergency surgery.
  • Verdict in Federal Court for chiropractor who placed patient on treadmill to rule out claudication, which plaintiff contended was negligent and resulted in damage to an aortic stent requiring vascular surgery to correct pre-existing femoral endograft stents.
  • Defense verdict for obstetrician (and dismissal of hospital) in case alleging a permanent brachial plexus injury secondary to improper reduction of shoulder dystocia during delivery.
  • Defense of hospital and its staff for the alleged failure to detect and treat priapism in a 38 year-old man.
  • Defense verdict for plastic surgeon where plaintiff alleged a failure to diagnosis and treat post-operative breast infection, resulting in disfigurement.
  • Defense verdict for internist on a wrongful death claim alleging misdiagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease.
  • Defense of an internist and physician assistant for alleged failure to diagnose colon cancer.
  • Verdict for hospital against claims of negligent performance of salpingo-opherectomy.
  • Defense of an internist and practice group against wrongful death claim alleging failure to properly treat and diagnose dehydration in a 50 year-old man.
  • Defense verdict for pediatrician for the alleged failure to properly test and exam for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) in an infant, who subsequently had severe complications, including numerous future hip replacement surgeries.
  • Defense verdict for emergency medicine doctor who allegedly failed to diagnose and treat Strep B (flesh eating) bacterial infection, resulting in disfigurement.
  • Defense of neurologist for alleged failure to diagnose or refer patient following incidental finding on MRI, with ultimate diagnosis of advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma that advanced to stage IV.
  • Defense of hospital against allegations of negligent bilateral laparoscopic hernia repairs performed by resident that resulted in severe complications.
  • First Rhode Island jury verdict in favor of the defense on an ADA claim brought against a hospital by a patient and companion who were both deaf and hearing impaired.
  • Verdict for Internist/Pulmonologist on wrongful death claim where alleged delay in diagnosis of breast cancer resulted in the death of 40 year old women with husband and child.
  • Defense verdict for Internist who allegedly failed to timely diagnose subarachnoid hemorrhage resulting in plaintiff being in partially vegetative state for five (5) years prior to death.
  • Defense verdict for blood bank on allegations of negligent performance of venipuncture resulting in nerve injury.

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